The scorching fire of music courses through their every vein. Pumped by hearts, whose every beat is in the rhythms of songs. These are the hearts BG, Zeimani and Kucha, three gifted, soulful siblings who make up The Womack Sisters. Daughters of the renowned songwriters, producers and multi platinum recording artists Cecil and Linda Womack (of Womack & Womack); Nieces of singer, songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Bobby Womack and Granddaughters of the legendary Grammy Lifetime Achievement award winner Sam Cooke.

The Womack Sisters have inherited the legacy of music giants and declared themselves the rightful bearers of the royal scepter of soul troubadour. When these gifted and equally beautiful young women lift their voices to sing, we the listeners can do but one thing... Bow Down!

Not Womack in name only, The Womack Sisters and the real deal. They are the living embodiment of Soul and R&B music.

It's fair to say, The Womack Sisters have good music implanted in their DNA. The second eldest, second youngest and the middle child of seven other siblings compose this bubbly sophisticated young singing trio. They are also the best of friends, they finish each other's thoughts and are as close as sisters could be, due in part to their extraordinary upbringing. Their father, Cecil was an incredibly focused and intellectual man, tiring of the politics of the American music industry,

Cecil and Linda left the USA and moved to the UK in the mid 1980's. Thus began a lifetime of travel, moving again to Europe, Asia, and Africa. The sisters stayed close, they were homeschooled and got used to a lifestyle of heavy travel, where they encountered somewhere new every six months or so.

It wasn't long before Cecil brought his children into his music, the girls were taught the ropes at an early age, not just writing, but production, and publishing, he wanted his children to understand the business of the music business. Looking back now the sisters are ever grateful for the gifts they were given, what they missed in High School and Boyfriends they made up for with incredible life experience; the sheep farm in Dublin, the water well in Kenya, the rural village in Tanzania overlooking Kilimanjaro, and their longest memory of all; London. Also performing to crowds of 10,000 plus, working with the Rolling Stones, Kid Rock, Ozzy Osborne, Annie Lennox and many more, are all in their own way life changing moments that have crafted the sound, the feel and the depth of The Womack Sisters.

Making their home in Los Angeles, the girls have been busy writing and recording, featuring on the 7xGrammy nominated Billboard #1 album "The Adventures of Bobby Ray" by B.O.B, and writing songs for double platinum recording artist The Game. The Womack Sisters have a long lineage of timeless musical history to draw strength from and a bond between them that is as unshakable and as strong as the music they create.



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